Alpha Sigma Tau

Phi Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana University

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Your Daughter & ΑΣΤ

Is there a young woman in your life who’s thinking about joining Alpha Sigma Tau? Terrific – she is about to start an amazing journey!

“I am proud of all three of my daughters, not only because of what they have become as responsible young women, but also because of the bright futures that are ahead of them! If not for being in Alpha Sigma Tau and the lifelong friends they have made in the Sorority, I’m not sure they would have had such a great college experience. They are happy, responsible, well-adjusted, and ready to take on whatever life may throw at them.”

-Wayne Mullins, proud father of three Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters: Jennifer, Jaclyn, and Joy Mullins, Gamma Xi Chapter (Grand Valley State University)

Why She is Making the Right Decision

When your loved one joins Alpha Sigma Tau, she is joining a proud legacy of women reaching back more than 115 years – smart, confident women who embody the Sorority’s core values of excellence, intellect, graciousness, respect, and connections. She is building and maintaining meaningful, sincere, and lasting relationships, and embarking on a richer college journey full of opportunities to engage and grow. If she is anything like most of our members, she will graduate into the world with a better education, stronger network and support system, and more life-changing experiences.

Alpha Sigma Tau is committed to providing the highest quality experience for our members by:

Investing in Women and Empowering Members to Excel in Life

A Focus on Academics: Academics are very important at Alpha Sigma Tau. Nationally, our average GPA is just above 3.0.

Personal and Professional Growth: Our innovative member development program, Illuminate, equips each young woman who participates with proven leadership skills to become the woman she aspires to be.

Healthy Lifestyles: Collegiate members learn about wellness and risk reduction through self-guided online education.

Leadership Opportunities: Members have many opportunities to lead at the local chapter level through officer positions and committees. Collegiate members also serve on our governing board (called National Council) and on national committees. In fact, Alpha Sigma Tau is proud to be the first and only National Panhellenic Conference sorority to have a collegian serve as a voting member on our National Council!

Inspiring Women to Enrich Their Own Lives and the Lives of Others

Bonds of Sisterhood: At its core, Alpha Sigma Tau represents Sisterhood grounded in shared values and experiences – the building blocks of positive lifelong relationships. Members of Alpha Sigma Tau grow by participating together in everyday life, and in shared programs designed to help their ethical, cultural, social, and professional development.

For College and Beyond, a National Network of Like-minded Women: When a young woman joins Alpha Sigma Tau, she joins a national support network of nearly 55,000 collegiate and alumnae members in communities across the country.

Philanthropy and Service: Our Creed inspires us to “contribute our share to the progress of mankind.” In fact, community service has been engrained in Alpha Sigma Tau since our founding. Members get involved with national nonprofit partners and local causes through philanthropic fundraising and hands-on service.

Learn More

To learn more, we invite you to take a look at the rest of this website, and download our pamphlet, Empowering Women to Excel in Life

We also encourage you to check out There, you will find answers to the most common questions and concerns parents and other loved ones have regarding sorority membership. You can also read what other parents have said about the positive experiences their daughters have had as part of a sorority.

Will joining a sorority affect my daughter's grades?

Academic success is extremely important to the sisters of the Phi Chapter, and we constantly encourage members to strive to do their best. We offer study hall opportunities, recognize sisters for their achievements, and create chapter goals each semester. Our chapter has consistently maintained a cumulative GPA above 3.0 and the all Greek average GPA remains higher than the all student GPA. Members are willing and ready to help one another succeed. 

Is my daughter able to work and be a member of a sorority as well? 

Most of our members have jobs, attend class, and are still able to stay heavily involved in the chapter. We give our members semester calendars and decide on dates for events weeks in advance. If a member is scheduled to work, no problem! We understand a college woman's busy schedule and we want to make it easy on our members to balance all activities.

Is it required for a member to live in the house?

The university requires all members to live in the house for at least 2 semesters; however, living in the house is one of the greatest times of being a member of the Phi chapter. We also respect sisters who go to bed early or stay up late studying by following set quiet hours each night. Each member is also allowed to decorate their room with more freedom than other on campus housing facilities. Sisters can paint the walls, hang pictures and posters, and let their creativity create the perfect home away from home.

Do the dues have to be paid up front? 

We currently follow a monthly payment system, but sisters are also given the option to pay semester dues up front. We are also able to work with sisters as much as possible to make this process simple and efficient.

Are there events where parents can be involved?

Yes! We love to meet our sisters' parents and host events that make this possible. In the past, we have had a Family Day event at the house. On this day, sisters were able to invite their parents and siblings over to socialize, enjoy refreshments, and watch a good Saints football game. We are always eager to involve our parents and are appreciative of their support throughout the year!