Our Sisters in Action

Here at Alpha Sigma Tau, we are actively involved with our local philanthropies that we hold close to our hearts. Every year, we put on events to help raise money for our philanthropies, and we also participate in other organizations’ philanthropic events.
One of our local philanthropy partners is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. Our sisters believe that affordable housing plays a big role in the well-being of our community. This way, our neighborhoods filled with friends and family can grow stronger and closer together and will hopefully start a chain reaction to continue helping others. Every semester, our sisters gather together to donate their time to Habitat to help build families their future homes. We not only build houses for Habitat, but we also donate goods to their ReStore so other families can find appliances, furniture, and household goods to fill their new home with.
One of our local philanthropy events is Project Prom. Our sisters can agree that this is one of our biggest events of the year. Project Prom is an event we hold each year for high school junior and senior girls who are well-deserving of having a prom night to remember! These ladies are hand-picked by their school counselors to come join us for this special occasion. Each young lady comes to the Alpha Sigma Tau house and picks out their prom dress, shoes, accessories, as well as hanging out with our members and snacking for the day. Besides helping these girls pick their favorite dress or the cutest earrings, we get to know these girls on such a deeper level, which makes this experience more memorable for our members.
In addition to Project Prom, Alpha Sigma Tau hosts a philanthropy competition called Penny Wars. Yes, we said pennies! This event is unique, as the fraternities on Southeastern’s campus get to join in on the fun. Each fraternity is given a 5-gallon water jug with their name listed on it. We set up in the Student Union breezeway for everyone on campus to see the action. The competition is that each fraternity wants to get the most “positive” points in their jug. Pennies count as “positive” points, bills and other coins that are not pennies count as “negative” points. Fraternity members throughout the competition week enjoy attempting to sabotage other chapters with bills and bringing dozens of rolls of coins to try to help their own chapter win. The fraternity with the most positive points wins their jug for their own philanthropy, and the remaining money is donated to another one of our local philanthropy partners, Dress for Success New Orleans.

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